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Want to give your employees a great benefit? Bring MECU信用合作社 into your workplace.

What makes workers more productive? Feeling secure about their finances, for one thing. That's why we created MECU At Work. Your employees get all the great 服务s that our credit union has to offer, plus free financial educational programs that can help put more money in their pockets.
Program is free to businesses 和 employees
Full- 和 part-time employees 和 volunteers can receive 服务s
A MECU representative will be assigned directly to your business

You don't even need to be a business to become our partner.

Exactly who can qualify for the MECU At Work program? 任何业务, 学校, church or community group located in 巴尔的摩 or within 20 miles of any MECU branch. We're eager to welcome new members 和 provide them with valuable 检查储蓄 账户,低成本 汽车亚洲博彩平台排名贷款, 抵押贷款 还有更多.

  • 方便: We’ll come out to talk to your employees about MECU accounts 和 loans, deliver financial education presentations, 回答问题.
  • 定制: We'll create financial education seminars 和 hold membership events specifically for your group.
  • 业务 Opportunities: Your organization will be listed as a MECU At Work 业务 Partner. Plus we provide networking opportunities for your business, group, or cause.
  • 简单的注册请求的信息 online, or contact our 业务 Development Department at (电子邮件保护).
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